The blizzard weather in the United States affects the normal delivery of these warehouses into the warehouse.
作者: Guanghe Logistics International

01Appointment delaysCurrently SBD1, LAX9, GYR3, SMF3 Appointment delay of at least 10 days - more than 20 days;02SMF3 is temporarily closed due to internal maintenanceSMF3 has been temporarily closed due to internal maintenance, and SMF3 cannot be determined when it will resume, and all SMF3 appointments have been postponed by Amazon03QXY9 is also an operational limitationQXY9 is also due to operational restrictions, Amazon has not approved appointments at present, and it is impossible to know the specific delivery date;04KRB7 AWD satellite silo operation restrictionsKRB7 AWD satellite warehouse due to operation restrictions, the earliest delivery date scheduled is from the end of May to the beginning of June, and the reply given by FBA said that the current pickup date is expected to be 2-3 weeks later, and a specific date cannot be given.Texas' major traffic arteries are temporarily closedDue to local weather conditions in the United States, the main traffic arteries in Texas were temporarily closed, and the FTW1/FTW9/FTW5/DFW6 to Dallas and other directional warehouses, card pies and UPS deliveries had varying degrees of delays.