Overseas Chinese University International College Level 20 teachers and students went to Guanghe International Logistics to participate in practical training
作者: Guanghe Logistics

On the morning of April 21, 2023, Professor Zeng Yi, Director of the Department of International Business at Huaqiao University's School of International Studies, led a group of Grade 20 students to participate in the practical training at Guanghe International Logistics Company. The exchange meeting for this training was presided over by Lin Hefeng, General Manager of Guanghe Logistics, and leaders of five other Shenzhen enterprises in the school's training program attended the exchange meeting, with a total of 30 participants.

This exchange meeting mainly revolves around three parts. The first part is about the content sharing of the international logistics chain and enterprise talent reserve plan. Mr. Lin shared the focus of cross-border logistics and the upgrading of the logistics industry, and mentioned that logistics services are upgrading, from port to port, point to point, and then door to door services. In addition, school teaching should be combined with work practice, and enterprises need talents with good learning, innovation, and professional abilities. Secondly, the leaders at the meeting provided relevant suggestions to students who intend to engage in foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce after graduation. Mr. Lin stated that it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the city and analyze and compare the well-known cities of Quanzhou and Shenzhen. For example, Quanzhou can carry out trendy business and short-term business, while Shenzhen mainly relies on technological innovation to produce products, which is suitable for taking the long-term business path of continuous innovation. Thirdly, in response to the question raised by classmates about which link in the entire chain from research and development, production, to customer purchase of products is the most valuable, draw the conclusion that the research and development stage is the most valuable. Increasing technology investment in the research and development stage can improve production efficiency and effectively increase prices. Enterprises should continue to use technology to empower business development and product innovation.

This exchange meeting has promoted students to broaden their horizons in enterprise learning practice, further strengthened communication and cooperation between enterprises and schools, and laid the foundation for future school enterprise cooperation and enterprise talent reserve plans.

The leaders attending this meeting are as follows:

Professor Zeng Yi, Department of International Business, School of International Studies, Overseas Chinese University

Zheng Jinyuan, Secretary General of Junmin Private Board of Directors

Huang Tiantian, General Manager of Shenzhen Fuyuansheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Wei Jun, General Manager of Shenzhen Blue Innovation Technology Co., Ltd

Ke Xikui, General Manager of Shenzhen Fanfei Technology Co., Ltd

Wang Yong, General Manager of Shenzhen Pengzhiyun Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd