Update on Wei, Chief of Evergreen Group Guangzhou Company, Training for Guanghe Logistics
作者: Guanghe Logistics

To meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, on April 25, 2023 at 16:00 pm, Wei Jiagang, the head of Evergreen Group, was invited to Guanghe International Logistics Company for training. The training event was hosted by General Manager Lin Hefeng of Guanghe, with a total of 33 participants online and offline.

The training session mainly focused on EVA International Logistics - the US West route and operating procedures. Firstly, Mr. Wei gave a brief introduction to Evergreen Group and its subsidiary, Evergreen International Logistics. Then it introduced the CEN/CPS route of EVA International Logistics in North China and East China, the PCC1 route of East China/Busan, South Korea, the SEA route of East China and South China, the PRX/HTW/PVCS/PE1 route of South China, and the direct and branch services of POL ports, with a focus on the South China route. In addition, a detailed explanation was provided on the business operation process from inquiry to destination. Finally, Mr. Wei shared the current situation and insights of the industry, and patiently answered the students' questions during the free Q&A session.

This training not only improved the professional abilities of the company's employees, but also further deepened communication and cooperation between enterprises, which is conducive to the development of subsequent business and provides new opportunities for the adjustment of the company's business strategy.