How to clear customs for international express delivery?
作者: Guanghe Logistics International

I want to send a courier to such and such a country, but I am worried about customs seizure? Or I sent a courier to such and such a country before, and the result was detained by customs.1. Why do international express clearance customs, is customs clearance so difficult?Customs clearance can be understood as two parts: commodity inspection and declaration, commodity inspection is to check whether the goods are compliant and legal, and the declaration can be considered as the data collected by the customs to collect tariffs;The collection of tariffs is a lever principle to maintain the trade balance between the two countries, and relying on the gradual improvement of the international express network, the customs systems of various countries have been fully connected and covered, simply put, the reason why international express delivery is fast is because when the goods are exported in the exporting country, the declared data has been uploaded to the destination customs system, which can achieve the efficiency of the goods that have not arrived at the destination customs clearance procedures have been completed.Therefore, customers and friends often ask Mr. Li whether he can clear customs or customs detention, etc., our suggestion is that normal commodity import and truthful declaration can effectively avoid customs clearance problems.Image upload2. Do all goods need to be cleared?In international express transportation, it is generally distinguished by documents and parcels.Documents are delivered by letter and can be imported without customs clearance, so there is no customs detention or difficulty in customs clearance.The parcel starts at 0.5kg, and the export is required by the customs to not have zero declaration, that is, in order to cooperate with the destination customs clearance, so the parcel needs to be cleared and imported regardless of the size, and must pay attention to the selection and declaration of products, and the appropriate selection and truthful declaration are conducive to smooth customs clearance;3. Common problems and solutions in customs clearance delays?1 Discrepancies in declarations lead to delays in customs clearanceMany customers and friends often encounter problems such as inconsistent product names, inconsistent quantities, too high declarations, and too low declarations that lead to delays in customs clearance[Solution]: Through the customer service of the international express company to understand the real reason for the customs clearance delay, there are real reasons to solve the problem, such as customs clearance delay caused by the reason of the declaration does not match, it is generally recommended that the customer friend submit the bill to the destination customs clearance for the second time, and the second submission of the bill should be particularly cautious, the elements of the declaration of non-conformity must be declared truthfully, because any customs is not patient enough to deal with it.2 The recipient has no customs clearance capacityIt is common for the consignee to be underqualified or not experienced in assisting with customs clearance[Solution]: Or through the customer service of the international express company to understand the real reason for the customs clearance delay, if it is because the recipient does not have experience in assisting customs clearance caused by customs delay, qualified and experienced international express agency company has the ability and responsibility to assist the consignee to complete the customs clearance process.