Several common logistics methods of AliExpress
作者: Guanghe Logistics International

The first step in choosing a logistics method: knowing which category your product belongs to.First of all, let's first understand which are the so-called sensitive goods, which cannot be exported through normal channels and must take special channels. Only by judging which category your products belong to can you know what AliExpress logistics solutions your goods can choose.1. Imitation brand: all goods with well-known brands (whether you buy it in a regular store, as long as you cannot provide a letter of authorization is an imitation brand), the product shape infringes on the patents of others. Common products are: clothing, shoes, leather bags and other daily necessities.2. Charged products (products with supporting batteries): mainly products with lithium batteries and button batteries. Mobile phones, tablets, watches, toys and more.3. Food: All food imports have strict regulations for the customs of various countries.4. Knives, scissors and other sharp weapons.5. Batteries, liquids, powders, products: mainly some cosmetics and chemicals.6. Printing and publicity goods: books, magazines, CDs, etc. There are many restricted products, you can study the customs rules and international transportation which are prohibited goods. From what I said, we can know that in fact, the so-called sensitive goods are divided into "sensitive goods prohibited by customs and import and export restrictions" and "sensitive goods that threaten the means of transport".Only by judging which category your products belong to can you know what transportation channels your goods can choose.Image uploadAliExpress logistics method selection step 2: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of AliExpress logistics method.1. Postal channels are divided into China Post Small Packet, Large Packet, EMS, EUB, mainly these four more commonly used ways.Advantages of postal services:(1) Only the weight, not the volume (cannot exceed the specified package size). So if it is a large volume and light weight of goods, it is a good way to use the post.(2) The way to calculate AliExpress shipping is simple, suitable for setting up free shipping (Chinese postal packet).(3) Postal services have the agreement of the Universal Union of Postal Services, which are different from commercial express inspections at the customs of various countries, so the probability of inspection is relatively small(4) Postal delivery is wide-ranging, and there is no additional charge for remote areas.(5) If the postal service cannot be delivered, it can be returned free of charge.Disadvantages of the postal service:(1) Slow timeliness.(2) The packet loss rate is high due to the large number of emails that are processed every day.(3) The service is relatively poor, and the cargo logistics inquiry is difficult.(4) Postal parcels can only be one shipment per shipment, not multiple goods per shipment.(5) There are many restrictions on goods. Generally, only general goods are taken.In fact, our most commonly used methods are China Post Small Packet, EMS, EUB. The price of China Post Small Packet is the most affordable, mainly because there is no first weight concept, accurate to the gram. Coverage in most countries around the world; EMS can send large goods below 30KG; At present, EUB can only be sent to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and the timeliness is better than that of China Post Small Packet, and the price is moderate.Image upload2. Business