In the next ten years, how to choose a reliable and suitable international logistics company?
作者: Guanghe Logistics International

Guanghe Logistics is headquartered in Shenzhen, and currently has Shenzhen Bantian distribution, Guangzhou distribution, Fuzhou distribution, Xiamen station, etc.!Guanghe Logistics provides cross-border e-commerce logistics integration solutions for cross-border sellers, FBA first-mile express, air plus pie, Haijia pie, iron plus pie, postal and other logistics lines! The company adheres to the customer-centric, pays attention to customer experience, and escorts the foreign trade of cross-border e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, AliExpress, EBAY, WISH and so on!In 2019, Guanghe Logistics focused on optimizing the three timeliness high-quality solutions of FBA fast (express), medium (air) and slow (Haipai) in the United States, providing the most cost-effective routes in the market for the majority of sellers, and striving to become a "logistics department" for cross-border e-commerce companies, allowing you to enjoy five-star logistics services!What are the advantages of Guanghe logistics services?1. Security advantagesFull tracking, dedicated person is responsible to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods; Quickly make claims for lost goods and damaged goods.2. Price advantagePrice advantage The four major international express and a number of international airlines directly cooperate, no intermediate links, fair and transparent prices.3. Timeliness advantageTimeliness advantage Strong customs clearance ability, a number of overseas local agents; Customs clearance capacity up to 99%; Arrange delivery vehicles in advance.4. Service advantagesService advantages One-stop intimate service, customized reasonable logistics and transportation solutions; Provide full cargo follow-up services; Professional team to deal with problems in a timely manner.Cross-border logistics service process:Guanghe logistics advantage channel recommendation:1. Matson ClippersOverall timeliness: 17~20 days after the ship starts Guanghe Logistics independently loads containers to ensure that the goods are not concealed and falsely reported, and ensure the smooth progress of customs clearance The process is: cut off on Friday→ ship will open next Wednesday→ 11 days to Matson exclusive port→ 2 days to unload and pick up→ 3~5 days to deliver and sign for receipt2. The United States flies directly to the airOverall timeliness: 8~10 days after receipt Guangzhou Southern Airlines direct flight, the east and west of the United States fly without arrangement, and the pickup and delivery are fast3. UPS two-day deliveryU.S. FBA emergency replenishment preferred mainland UPS red order, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen can be extracted on the same day4. FBA in the United States5. Other FBA first journey6. International express