Urgent Notice: Two major container ports in the United States have been closed
作者: Guanghe Logistics

It is reported that at 17:00 pm local time on April 6th and around 9:00 am Beijing time on April 7th, two major container ports in the United States - Los Angeles and Long Beach - issued notices to the transportation industry that due to unforeseeable circumstances, the port had temporarily closed.

The two major ports did not specify the reasons for the sudden shutdown in the notice, but according to foreign media and industry insiders, the unforeseeable emergency caused by temporary strikes organized by trade unions has led to a serious shortage of labor at the port, and can only choose to temporarily close.

At the same time, a freight forwarder has issued an urgent notice to sellers regarding this incident: the closure involves all 12 terminal areas, including APM, TTI, LBCT, ITS, SSA, etc. Currently, it is known that only Meisen Terminal can perform normal container pick-up operations, while other terminals are no longer able to do so. The general cargo that has not yet been picked up at the port this week may result in cancellations and reschedulings. It is expected that centralized unloading and container pick-up will lead to congestion, which may affect container operations at the port in the following week, causing delays ranging from 3 to 7 days. Customers are kindly requested to prepare their cargo plans.

At present, the relevant departments are urgently handling the situation. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and will closely monitor the official news to obtain the latest information about the reopening of the dock. The time for the dock to resume container pick-up is waiting for notification.