Daily News: Current status updates for Meisen Kauai 011E and Meisen Messi 484E
作者: Guanghe Logistics

It is reported that following the update on Meisen Ship on April 20th, the container cargo of Meisen Kauai Ship 011E has been fully unloaded at Busan Port due to mechanical failure. The Meisen Messi 484E, which was sent by Meisen to Busan, arrived on time on May 1st. After loading all the goods unloaded by Meisen Kauai, it left Busan early on May 3rd and sailed to Long Beach Port in the United States. The expected arrival time is May 13th.

Within 48 hours after the ship arrives at Changtan Port, all containers will be ready for pick-up. The current pickup status is as follows: At 6:30 am on Sunday, May 14th, approximately 80% of the containers on board can be picked up at the off port storage yard (STE), and the remaining 20% of the containers will be picked up on Monday morning, May 15th. Among them, it is particularly important to note that the opening hours of the Outside Port Storage Yard (STE) on Sundays are from 6:30am to 4:30pm.

In addition, the Meisen Kauai 011E has completed all engine maintenance work and successfully conducted sea trials. It is expected to be put into use on the CLX+route from Ningbo Shanghai to Changtan Port on May 14th.